Hello everyone,

Welcome back to another blog post, today I am going to share my re-create that I did this week. This week for the create task we have to make a poster, take a photo of St Francis school and tell everyone to clean up & do a word search where you quiz everyone in your school or in your family to complete it. For me I chose the poster because it was fun to do and also way more easier to do. I think its time to show you my poster for this week.

I hope you like it. Which one did you do for the RE create? Gotta go bye. GOD BLESS.



Hello everyone,

Today I am going to blog about Maths. Today for Maths I learned about fractions. It was hard at first but I kept on practicing and learning and now I am a little bit good at it. Right now I know what Equivalent Fractions and Mathematical Languages are. Now I am going to talk about Equivalent Fractions.

Equivalent Fractions means they equal the same. Here is an example.

2/4 is the same as 3/6 and ½. Here are other Equivalent Fractions.

½, ¾, ¼, ⅛, 2/8, ¾, 2/4, ⅜, 5/4, 3/9, ⅕, ⅙,

Next I am going to talk about Mathematical Languages.

Mathematical Languages means that you use big words in maths. Such as: multiplication, equivalent, division, improper.

Now I am going to show you my DLO.

I hope you like it.

Do you like maths?

See you on my next blog post.

God Bless.


ALJ 2024 Activity # 7 Blog #11

Hello everyone,

Today I am blogging about the Whakatauki activity. It was fun and hard at the same time. Although  I love to learn new things, I had trouble figuring out what it really means. So before I started the activity I did a little research of what the word Whakatauki really means. If you want to know what it really means then have a look at my poster. I hope you find this video helpful;

I hope you enjoyed my blog post.

Do you like Te Reo Maori?

Bye Bye.

ALJ 2024 Activity # 9 Blog #10

Hello everyone,

Today I am talking about the traditional Maori food storage, where and how they stored their food.  The Moaries ate rice, kumara and many other types of kai. Kai means food. They did not know where to put the rice so they all came up with an idea and that was to create a food storage  to store all of the rice away from animals. Food is usually stored for later use. Kumara is stored for winter where food is difficult to get. Now it is time bring out my food storage poster.

I hope you like my work. Are you doing the Autumn Learning Journey? If you are then how many activities have you done? I am totally enjoying my ALJ.

God Bless.

Take care.

Bye Bye.

ALJ 2024 Activity # 17 Blog #9

Hello everyone,

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corp that served at the Gallipoli Campaign.

Today I did the ANZAC poppies on the Piskel website. The color I choose is the color red and black because it represents ANZAC. I was having trouble at 1st but in the end I managed to get used to it. For this activity you have to go on the Piskel website and make ANZAC poppies with the color red and the color black. After you finish you take a screenshot and blog about it. I think it is time to show my ANZAC poppies.

I hope you like it. Have you made some ANZAC poppies?

The poppies signify the time when the soldiers were at the Gallipoli war and there was a field of red poppies next to them. ANZAC Day is a really important event to remember because it is to remember the strong and brave soldiers who died when fighting for their country in the world war. Especially the NZ and Australian Army Corp during the Gallipoli Campaign.

I did the Dawn Parade once at Cranmer Square with my Scouts group called St. Matthews LLO.  We went to the ANZAC Parade to remind us that many have sacrificed for the peace we enjoy.

Are you going for the ANZAC Parade?

Bye Bye.

ALJ 2024 Activity # 4 Blog #8

Hello everyone,

Today I did the Minecraft activity because I love Minecraft and I haven’t been playing for a long time. For this activity you have to go on Minecraft and create a new world after that when you are in the world then you started to build a house for the Autumn season. After you finish building your house then you take a screenshot of your house and then blog about it. I think it is time to show you my Minecraft Autumn House.

I hope you like it. Do you like Minecraft? Cause I love Minecraft so much.

Thank you for tuning in.

God Bless You.

Bye Bye.

ALJ 2024 Activity # 15 Blog #7

Hello everyone,

Today I am blogging about a famous artist  named Jasper  Francis Cropsey who painted this artwork Starucca Viaduct Pennsylvania.

This piece of art is so interesting and I will share my reasons why.

Artwork Link

This activity is about going on the ALJ 2024 and looking at  the 12 beautiful autumn scenes, then pick one of the artwork that you like the most and once you have done picking comment and blog about it. On a blank Google document, I have written

1.What was my 1st reaction to the artwork,

2. If  I could ask the artist one question what would it be, and

3.Why do I think the artist created this artwork?.

I have done all of that and now I am blogging about it. Check my link above for more.

I hope you like my work and share my opinion.

 I did this activity because I love art and paintings.   Do you like art?


Enjoy the holidays.





ALJ 2024 Activity # 11 Blog #6

Hello everyone,

Today I am back with another activity. This activity is about the word AUTUMN and you have to try to come up with a bunch of words that are within the word autumn. In other words it is called a word Boggle. With that out of the way I think it is time to show you my Boggle for AUTUMN.


The link above will take you straight to my word Boggle

I hope you like my work.

Before I go off I am going to explain what the word “boggle” really means. Boggle means that you have come up with words within the given word.

For example the word WINNING; because there’s ‘win’ in winning, because there’s ‘in’ in winning and

3.wing because there’s ‘wing’ winning

there are also many other words we can find in the word WINNING.

Try it out yourself it’s really fun. Also there’s a fun game of boggle on Google try that out too.


Have a good one.

ALJ 2024 Activity # 12 Blog #5

Hello everyone,

Mark here again, In this blog post I am going to be talking about Maths in Activity 12 in the Autumn Learning Journey using Autumn things. I am using apples. So what you need to do is that you need to make your own Maths problem you can use -,+, x or  ➗. For my Maths problem I choose multiplication because I want to challenge myself to do something a little bit harder.

By the way did you know I love Maths so much and the reason I love Maths is because I love numbers, problems and even challenging myself to do something a lot more harder. With that out of the way I think it is time to show you my Maths problem.

This new method that I used is called the Box Method or Area Modal. If you have trouble answering a very hard Maths problem then I suggest you use the Box Method or Area Model because it’s where you break up the numbers.

I did this Maths problem independantly without any help at all.

I hope you find my Maths knowledge good.

Do you also like Maths? Why do you like Maths?

Have a good day.