PBL Blog Post 2023 Term 2 Tuesday May 16 Mark H.

Over the course of term one we have looked at the question: How can we help build a resilient community? We are using something called The Resilience Project to understand simple tricks to make our lives better.

I have learnt that the g.e.m is very important in life because you might need it sometimes. G=Gratitude, E=Empathy & M=Mindfulness.

Check out the link below to learn more about empathy!

Empathy Link

The whole school had a showcase evening to look at all the students’ creations and learn more about The Resilience Project.

Here is an invite I made:

For the showcase evening I worked with Ayman because he is always hard working. 

We decided to create bookmarks because the parents can keep it for their family to remind them of GEM. 

Here is my final creation:

 I now know more about what g.e.m is and how I can use it in my life to be happier.

Throughout the creating process I feel like I did  really well. I could have been better at not being late for school.

If I was to do this again, next time I would try even harder.

Did  you enjoy  my PBL showcase project?

Reading Blog Post Technoblade By Mark

Hello everyone,

Today I did Technobalde  for reading.

here is a google drawing about technoblade

Is Technoblade a leader: Yes

How is technoblade a leader: He a leader because he lift up so many children and adult’s hearts by showing act’s of kindness

What was act of kindness that technoblade show: he show act of kindness by helping the poor and lift up people heart’s.



If the drawing is to blurry to read than I will put it all on this blog post.


Who is he: Technoblade is a Minecraft player and well known for his Youtube Minecraft videos. Known as one of the best player of all times. And his home in Minecraft is amazing 


When he was born: 1 June 1999


When he died : June 2022. He died of cancer. A great loss to this world.


His pets in minecraft and in real life: Floof the dog Floof was a wolf. His horse in Minecraft is Carl.


His Dad : Mr. Blade. 

Do you like technoblade?

See you

Awesome & Amazing Writing Blog Post 2023

Hello everyone,

If you are have trouble to figure out how Google Jam Board works I have your back because today I am going to explain to you how Google Jam Board works. Here’s is my Google drawing of how Google Jam Board works.

Click on this link that will take you to my Google Drawings

Do you like using Google Drawings?

Please comment on my blog post

Have a nice day 🙂




Mindfulness – Haiku – SLJ Task 2022 – 2023 – Step it up – Blog Number 47

Kia Ora,

Today I did another blog post it is called Mindfulness  – Haiku.  It is  about the summer heat. I also did it on google drawing. My inspiration came when we were shopping on Queens  Street on a hot day.

It says:

A warm summer day

No wind blowing on my face

Sweat is running down.

Enjoy your Summer! I am really enjoying mine.

Spy Craft – SLJ 2022 – 2023 – Step it up – Blog Number 46

Kia Ora,

Today I did spy craft secret code. I did the step it up. Here is my code

Did you figure out the code?

I did it on google doc.

What is a secret code?

Secret codes can be viewed as a symbology, except that now different symbols encode letters instead of numbers. These symbols can be signs (like Morse code or Braille which are just encoding and not ‘secret’), or they can be other letters, or even the same letters themselves.




Long Places Names SLJ Task 2022 2023 Kick Start Blog Number 45

Kia Ora,

Today I did long long place names. There are a lot of long names in the world.  There are more then 100 long place names in the world. Here is my slide of  long place names I hope you enjoy it. Can you even say the names? I tried but cannot.

Yoga – SLJ 2022 – 2023 – Kick Start – Blog Number 44

Kia Ora,

Today I did some yoga. It was a lot of fun and it helps you when you are nervous or shy here. Here is my video of me doing no ordinary but mindfulness yoga It’s for all ages. Rated G.

I hope you enjoy it. Which is your favourite part? Mine is balloon breathing.


Let’s Visit Mars SLJ 2022 2023 Blog Number 43 Kick Start

Kia Ora

NASA sent rovers to Mars to check for water activity.  If there was water then people can also live on Mars. It was confirmed in 2008 that NASA found water activity on Mars a long time ago but now there is no water because of greenhouse gases. If we don’t look after Earth and stop climate change, someday we will also be like Mars and  all humans will die. This is Markster The Rover on the rocky surface on Mars. What do you think he will found on Mars?

Nature Rubbings – SLJ 2022-2023 – Kick Start – Blog Number 42

Kia Ora

Today I did nature rubbings. I found a big green leaf when John, mummy and I were walking to Westfield Newmarket. It was near Grafton Bridge in Auckland. First I put the leaf under a piece of paper and I rubbed it with my hand. When I can see the leaf veins and stem appearing, I use the pencil to do the same.  Here is my leaf rubbing.