Year: 2023

Activity #10 Clean Your Room By Spring Learning Journey 2023 By Mark

Hello everyone,

You know everyday 24/7 I clean my room but today is different because I want to stay clean 24/7 so I tidy up the whole house because staying clean and tidy is always a good thing so when people come over they will gave you good and kind comment but if your room is not tidy and clean then when people come over they will say that it is so ugly and make fun of you and your house if you don’t want that then always keep you whole house clean and tidy 24/7. Here is the video I did to show you how clean and tidy my room really is

Enjoy and always stay clean and tidy and God Bless You and have a good 2 weeks holiday.

1 last thing here is the rate of my room by my family members





Spring Learning Journey Activity # 14 Comment On Someone Blog By Mark

Hello everyone,

Today I am doing activity 14 because I want to comment on my friends blog and say a lot of good things this is a good idea because It helps everyone to show kindness and peace to everyone so that’s why the teachers told us to comment on someone else blog. I have commented on 3 blogs here are the names and the link of what I said. Mila, Angus

And Ayman

I hope you enjoy reading all of them and have a good holidays and God Bless You and 1 last thing stay safe


Chrome Music Lab For Spring Learning Journey 2023 Activity #8 Eight By Mark

Hello everyone,

Today I am doing the spring learning journey #8 because I love making and listening to music 24/7 so I decided to do this activity my music will sound amazing because I added a lot of beat to it I promise you it will sound amazing. I love chrome music lab a lot because is where you can make your own music and share it with the world so other people and children can listen to your music and also help you to make it look more awesome this is why everyone should use chrome music lab and the amazing part of it is that you don’t have to pay it’s 100% free here is evidence . Also here is the music that I made all by myself  

Have you used the chrome music lab before and did you find it fun?

Have a good holidays and God Bless You



Spring Learning Journey Activity #4 Chinese Moon Festival By Mark HOLLOWAY

Hello everyone,

Today I am doing my 2nd activity of Spring Learning Journey this activity is about the Chinese Moon Festival. I did this activity because every Tuesday at school this Chinese teenager named Lucy comes and teaches us about Chinese it was a lot of fun she even gave us stickers. This activity is about what Chinese people do at the Chinese Moon Festival and we have to do it on a google slide. You also have to decorate your slides so it looks amazing you have to put it in your own words here is my slideshow.

Do you like learning about Chinese and why do you like learning about Chinese?

Stay safe, God Bless You and have a good school holiday.

Spring Learning Journey 2023 [1] Activity #11 Animal Fact File

Hello everyone,

Today I did Activity 11 of  the Spring Learning Journey 2023. This activity is about making a fact file on your favorite animal because on 4th of October 2023 is World Animal Day where you talk about your favorite animal.

For my fact file I did about Turtles because when I went to Malaysia I swam with the Turtles and I even got to feed them. It was a lot of fun and I did it with all of my cousins in Malaysia. The only reason I did this activity was because I got to do a fact file about my favorite animal and was so happy so I straight away did it. Here is the link to my fact file that I did on Turtles 

Do you like Turtles? Why do you like Turtles?

Enjoy your school holiday and God Bless You

Stay Safe.

Year 7 Camp – I Love Camping

Hi everyone,

My school St Francis yr 7’s boys and girls went camping on 11-13 September 2023. On Mondays 11/9/2023, we went to school as usual and we got on the bus that was picking us up from our school and headed to the YMCA campsite. It took us an hour and a half to get to our destination. After we got our belongings the teachers told us who we were sharing the bunk rooms. Thanks to my good luck, my friends and I were in the same bunk room . We then went to our bunk rooms and put our belongings. After everyone had gone to their bunk rooms the teachers told us to listen to the YMCA staff members announcement. The YMCA staff members told us  about our activities that we were doing for 3 days.

The activities that we were doing for 3 days are, Coasteering, Archery, Search and Rescue and Orienteering. We did it in our activity group. Everyone did different activity on different days.

We come back to school on 13/9/2023 Wednesday 3:00 pm. Here is the link to my YMCA Reflection.

Also here is the pic of everyone.

Hi my name is Mark and today I am going to blog about my poem. Thank you.

What is this blog about?

This blog is about my poem.

What poem is it?

The poem that I made is called a bio poem.

What is a bio poem?

A bio poem is a poem all about yourself.

When did you start on this bio poem?

I did it at school.

Do you find this bio poem fun and easy to do?


Did anyone help you on this poem?

Yes, the teachers help me out because it was to difficult for me.

Is everyone at school also doing this bio poem?

Yes, everyone is doing this poem.

What does your bio poem look like?

Bio Poem

Please click on the link above to look at my own bio poem.

What year are you in at school?

I am year 7 at St Francis.

What does your bio poem look like?



Electricity Science Buzzer Post 4 St Francis School

In Science we have been learning about electricity.  I learned that electricity is can be made by many things.

One of the experiments we did was: The buzzer experiment.

Materials you need are:

1.One Copper nail

2.One zinc nail



5.Salt water

Before conducting my experiment I thought that the buzzing was going to be loud.

After finishing my experiment I found out that my hypothesis was incorrect because the buzzing was quiet and  I could barely hear it.

   From Google

If I was to do this experiment again or something similar I now know that the buzzing will be quiet.

Something I found interesting during this learning was the complicated words and learning what they meant.

Do you like Science?

Winter Learning Journey Activity 18

Hello again Mark here,

Which blog are you doing today?

I am doing Activity 18.

What is Activity 18 about?

Activity 18 is about writing a poem. I will  write  about what I smell, hear, feel, taste and see in winter.

Did you fun this activity fun?


Did anyone help you?


Are you having fun in Malaysia?

Yes, a lot of fun.

What does your work look like today?


Please click on the link above to look at my work.


God Bless You All.

Winter Learning Journey Activity 12


Which blog are you doing  today?

I am doing Activity 12.

What is Activity 12 about?

For Activity 12, I need to do 4 Maths Questions.

How many blog have you done in total?

I have done 11 blog posts for Winter Learning Journey.

Did you find this activity fun?


Did anyone help you?


When are you coming back to New Zealand?

I am coming back to New Zealand on Wednesday evening.

Do you find Winter Learning Journey fun?

Yes, a lot of fun.

What does your maths work look like?

When did you start on this blog?

This morning in Malaysia.