Bush Critters – SLJ 2022-2023 – Blog Number 41

Kia Ora

Today I made my bush critter with seeds, leaves, grass, dried weed and paper. The leaves were from the lime tree and it smells awesome. The seeds were from the long beans.  My insect’s name is Mario. He likes to fly around the garden looking for his other friends. Together they will play insect tag till sunset. Here is a picture of Mario looking very happy because his friend is chasing him.


2 thoughts on “Bush Critters – SLJ 2022-2023 – Blog Number 41

  1. Kia ora Mark,

    Manar here from the Summer Learning Journey Team.

    You have done a fantastic job! I love how you have also included a side profile of your insect: Mario. Awesome to see you take advantage of all the amazing plants you have access to in your garden, the choice of including the lime tree leaves is great to give it a zesty smell. Love the bright grin you have added too! Looks like I am hungry for some burrito filled with kidney beans and other delicious fillings. Have you had a burrito before? What are your favourite fillings?

    You have great attention to all the details of Mario, the antennas, and even the stems of plants for the legs. I wonder what insect you were taking inspiration from? I am guessing a grasshopper. Am I right?

    Keep up the awesome work! Looking forward to your next blogpost.
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)

    1. Kia Ora,

      Yes, I had burrito before. My favourite fillings is build your own where everything goes in. I am taking inspiration from a moth and yes you are right a grasshopper.

      Happy 2023

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