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Hello everyone,

Today I did Technobalde  for reading.

here is a google drawing about technoblade

Is Technoblade a leader: Yes

How is technoblade a leader: He a leader because he lift up so many children and adult’s hearts by showing act’s of kindness

What was act of kindness that technoblade show: he show act of kindness by helping the poor and lift up people heart’s.



If the drawing is to blurry to read than I will put it all on this blog post.


Who is he: Technoblade is a Minecraft player and well known for his Youtube Minecraft videos. Known as one of the best player of all times. And his home in Minecraft is amazing 


When he was born: 1 June 1999


When he died : June 2022. He died of cancer. A great loss to this world.


His pets in minecraft and in real life: Floof the dog Floof was a wolf. His horse in Minecraft is Carl.


His Dad : Mr. Blade. 

Do you like technoblade?

See you

2 thoughts on “Reading Blog Post Technoblade By Mark

  1. Hi Mark, I like that you included this info on the Blog post because it is easy to read. I like Technoblade, he is one of the most coolest Minecraft players in the world, it was sad we he died. It went viral all over Youtube. The good thing is that he is in a safe place now. You forgot to add my and Johan’s names. This is still a good Blog post.

    Do you like Techonblade?

  2. Hi Mark
    This is a good blog post it is interesting and I like how you explained about technoblade he was a cool Minecraft player and it was sad that he died.
    from Max

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