PBL Blog Post 2023 Term 2 Tuesday May 16 Mark H.

Over the course of term one we have looked at the question: How can we help build a resilient community? We are using something called The Resilience Project to understand simple tricks to make our lives better.

I have learnt that the g.e.m is very important in life because you might need it sometimes. G=Gratitude, E=Empathy & M=Mindfulness.

Check out the link below to learn more about empathy!

Empathy Link

The whole school had a showcase evening to look at all the students’ creations and learn more about The Resilience Project.

Here is an invite I made:

For the showcase evening I worked with Ayman because he is always hard working. 

We decided to create bookmarks because the parents can keep it for their family to remind them of GEM. 

Here is my final creation:

 I now know more about what g.e.m is and how I can use it in my life to be happier.

Throughout the creating process I feel like I did  really well. I could have been better at not being late for school.

If I was to do this again, next time I would try even harder.

Did  you enjoy  my PBL showcase project?

2 thoughts on “PBL Blog Post 2023 Term 2 Tuesday May 16 Mark H.

  1. Kia ora Mark

    Great job on your PBL blog. I can see you have learnt a lot about what GEM is. The bookmarks you have created with Ayman look great. I wish I was well enough on the showcase night as I would have loved to take home one of your bookmarks!

    Miss Henderson

  2. Hello Mark
    G.E.M is cool and that photo is really cool. Yes i enjoy your PBL showcase project. You work really hard on your Blog Post. When do you show Empathy?
    From Max

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